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Salve Maria!

It is simply undeniable and without doubt that the future of peoples and indeed of all humanity, is largely dependent on the formation of youth.

A well-formed youth today, will help to realize a profound social change for tomorrow! For thisreason, the Heralds of the Gospel in Mozambique created the "Future & Living Project".

>>> Help us to help Mozambican youth! <<<

Its objective is to give Mozambican youth the possibility to access a more complete human and cultural formation, so that in the future, those wishing to become priests, doctors, lawyers, teachers, manual workers or artists, or for that matter, to belong to any sector of society, can be instruments of social and human development!

Every year, about 7000 young people benefit from free music, cultural and ethical-moral lessons. This work is carried out within several Mozambican schools and parishes.

Among these 7,000 young beneficiaries each year, about 200 youth enroll in a free 1 year course of music, theater, sporting activities, general culture classes and further ethical-moral training.

The cost of thisFuture & Life Project, that helps so many young people in Africa, including the payment of teachers, light, water, school transportation and vacations is about 52.046 EUR.

>>> Do not let this project end up for lack of financial resources ... Help us to help! <<<

This is an immensely expensive project, but we are determined to continue. We are certain that this sacrifice will greatly transform our Mozambican society. Important history is built upon sacrifice; this sacrifice will change Africa's history.

It costs 21,6 EUR a month to supporteach of these 200 youth.

Do you want to help with this transformation of Africa? Please invest in African youth!

Believe in the future of these young people and help sponsor their training!

“I believe in Mozambican youth!”

(I want to help them!)